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Oso Landslide

Oso Landslide Attorney Corrie Yackulic Represents Local Families


Attorney Corrie Yackulic has deep roots in defending the rights of people injured or who wrongfully die due to the actions of another. Sadly, in Oso, dozens lost their lives, and families have been devastated, by the terrible mudslide in March.


Corrie Yackulic is President of the Board of the Western Environment Law Center, a watchdog of sensible land development, zoning, permitting, and public accountability.


Corrie Yackulic Law PLLC has teamed with the Northwest law firm Johnson Johnson Larson Schaller, known for their investigation and successful civil cases in deadly Northwest landslides. Their investigation has begun into the causes and accountability of the deadly OSO slide.


If you have information that you feel is pertinent, or if you have lost a family member in the Oso mudslide, call Corrie at (206) 787-1915, or (877) 846-2890. We care, and we can help.


Corrie Yackulic Law provides a free consultation and case review.


Seattle Attorney Corrie Yackulic has filed legal claims on behalf of many Oso families who lost loved ones and homes. Click here to read news stories about the Oso Legal Claims.