Corrie works on contingent fee.  She offers a reduced fee percentage on cases that can be resolved without filing a lawsuit .

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Maritime Accidents Injury



All are unexpected when they happen to us.  Equally unexpected can be the response by insurance companies.


The goal of the insurance company will be to persuade you to accept the lowest possible settlement quickly before you and your physicians can determine your true medical needs.  Too often, inadequate and unfair settlements are offered to shocked victims with serious, debilitating long-term injuries.


Laws about auto insurance, health insurance subrogation, and even the “rules of the road” are complex.  Reconstructing events leading to a crash can require sophisticated engineering work.  Police may send major automobile incident teams (MAITs) to investigate serious or fatal accidents, but insurance companies may interpret their data to try limit your claim. For these reasons it is so important to seek counsel who knows the laws and rules that apply in these cases and who is experienced in investigating motor vehicle accidents.  The greater the long-term effects of the accident, the more important it is to seek experienced counsel.


Insurance companies often strategically overwhelm victims - and their families - with a mountain of requirements.  Medical records, unfavorable opinions from experts hired by the insurance companies, and endless requests for personal information can overwhelm victims who deserve to be compensated for the costs of their injuries.


Before you sign any papers presented to you by an insurance company, talk to an attorney experienced in auto, truck and motorcycle accident claims.  For years, Corrie Yackulic Law has represented people struck and injured by careless operators of cars and trucks.  The firm offers a free case review - and can help you decide quickly if the insurance company is operating in your best interest -  or its own.


Corrie Yackulic works to secure the best possible results for her clients: