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It is good news that more people are walking and riding bicycles to work or for fun.  The bad news is that injuries and deaths of cyclists, bike messengers, and pedestrians happen are on the rise, as crowded and poorly designed roadways lead to more encounters between motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.


Attorney Corrie Yackulic has represented injured bike commuters, bike messengers, recreational cyclists, and pedestrians for more than two decades.  An occasional bike commuter herself and spouse of a regular bike commuter, Corrie understands the vulnerability of cyclists and pedestrians when motorists don’t pay attention.


Bicycle messengers are essential to the flow of urban commerce – and they don’t clog streets or create unhealthy exhaust fumes.  Each work day, bike messengers must negotiate crowded streets, distracted drivers, roadway hazards, and often times, difficult weather conditions.   Corrie recently represented a Seattle bike messenger who was hit when an oncoming car turned left in front of him.  She negotiated an $850,000 settlement on his behalf, which was well above the underlying insurance policy limits. 


Sometimes, bike accidents are caused by defective parts.  Corrie has sued bicycle manufacturers for defects that resulted in injury.  In the event you are in an accident, remember to keep your bike.   Just as the case of a car accident, evidence may be found in the wreckage.


Pedestrian injury and death has remained statistically more or less stable in the past several years, but those statistics are grim.  According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), around 4,000 pedestrians will lose their lives this year.  Sadly, one-fifth of pedestrian fatalities due to traffic accidents are children.  

If you are in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, call Corrie Yackulic Law for a free consultation.  Corrie has represented injured pedestrians and cyclists since 1990.



Corrie supports the “safe routes to school” partnership: www.saferoutespartnership.org/national/45755/45848