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Defective Products Liabiity



Working construction is dangerous.  Although construction workers make up about 6% of the country's workforce, 20% of all injuries in the workplace occur on construction sites.


Falls from heights are the most common cause of serious injury and one of the most preventable, if proper safety procedures are in place and if safety rules are enforced.  Asbestos, solvents, noise and negligent operation of cranes, forklifts, trucks and other equipment also account for serious jobsite injuries and death. Studies show what workers already know: that injury risks go down when lines of communication and responsibility are clear, and when the general contractor ensures that safety regulations and practices are enforced throughout the job site.


Hazards to non-workers can be equally devastating.  Visitors allowed or invited onto the worksite, without proper safety instruction or protection, can be especially vulnerable.   Safety boundaries, such as temporary fencing, may be inadequate or give a false notion of a safely defined area. 


In the past 20 years, Corrie Yackulic has represented many carpenters, laborers, and construction workers seriously injured on the job.  Corrie always seeks to recover the best possible result for her clients.



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