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Toxic Torts



It would be hard to argue that an attorney has had more experience – and success – with toxic torts in the Pacific Northwest than Corrie Yackulic.


In the 1990's, Corrie and a legal colleague brought a class action against the State of Washington on behalf of trade workers paid less than other employees doing the same work.


Contaminated groundwater, the result of improper, historical dumping of toxic matter, lead to serious health related issues in a Washington community.  Corrie Yackulic filed a class action on behalf of property owners who were negatively affected and held the polluter, a railroad, accountable.


A large jury verdict in addition to a confidential settlement with a local-regional water company was achieved by Corrie Yackulic.  The water, contaminated to households by corroded plumbing, was harmful to the water company’s customers.

A recent case regarding poor construction in a well-known development is currently being litigated. 


If you, and your community, believe you are victims of a community wide hazard, contact Corrie Yackulic Law.  As always, Corrie provides a free, initial consultation.