Injury, Wrongful Death Settlements



"We listen to you.  We care about what's right.  And we act with integrity every step of the way." -- Attorney Corrie Yackulic


$2.1 Million settlement for a deckhand who sustained a crush injury during a haulback on a fish processor in the Bering Sea


$2.25 Million settlement for a carpenter who fell and permanently injured his spinal cord when a makeshift scaffold collapsed on a residential construction project


$1.6 Million settlement regarding an obstetrical malpractice case against an HMO whose doctor failed to properly manage the client’s labor and delivery


$2.2 Million class action settlement for residents of a mobile home park built on an old municipal landfill, sited next to an active landfill with uncontrolled methane gas emissions


$3.8 Million settlement with the State of Washington on behalf of trades workers paid less than other trades workers doing the same work


$895,000 settlement for a machinist rear-ended by a semi owned by Werner Trucking Company; chronic neck pain and reactivation of PTSD that originated with his Vietnam War service


$840,000 settlement for a bike messenger hit by a car while making a delivery; suffering serious facial injuries


$850,000 jury verdict for a cook on a fish processor who developed a debilitating pain condition (CRPS/RSD, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) after slipping on an unsafe galley floor


$1.56 Million jury verdict for a carpenter who fell down an improperly barricaded elevator shaft


Confidential Settlements in multiple cases against nursing homes for injuries to residents from falls and instances of neglect and abuse.


Confidential Settlement from an orthopedist on behalf of a client (nurse consultant) whose nerve to her hand was severed in a surgery intended to protect the nerve.


Confidential Settlement in addition to a $545,000 jury verdict against two water companies that supplied water to homeowners, corroding their copper plumbing and contaminating their drinking water


$1.1 Million settlement for the family of a fisherman who died when the F/V Katmai sank in the Bering Sea


$825,000 settlement from a “big box store” on behalf of a client who developed CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) after a roll of flooring fell on her foot


Seven-figure confidential settlement on behalf of a property owner against a major U.S. corporation for property damage and loss of income due to contamination of groundwater from the company's historical dumping practices.