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Vaginal Mesh Injury



Seattle attorney Corrie Yackulic understands that injury from vaginal mesh can be a difficult thing to discuss. You are not alone.


Thousands of women in the U.S. have been harmed by complications from vaginal mesh, used to repair pelvic organ prolapse and/or stress urinary incontinence. The mesh became widely used over the past 10 years as it was promoted by manufacturers of the product.


Use of transvaginal surgical mesh has been widespread in recent years, as manufacturers have promoted use of the hammock-like mesh to strengthen and protect the vagina. Unfortunately, too many women have suffered severe complications from the procedure, including:


Some of the complications can be life threatening, and many require additional medical or surgical intervention and hospitalization.


Last July, the FDA issued a statement advising that complications from the surgical vaginal mesh are not rare and that the product may expose patients to greater risk of complication than traditional surgical repair.  This warning is far stronger than a 2008 warning that alerted healthcare providers to complications associated with vaginal mesh.  At that time, the FDA stated that complications were rare, though they could be serious. More recently the FDA has ordered manufacturers to conduct additional studies of the risks from the implanted mesh.


Corrie has decades of experience representing people who have sustained injury as a result of defective medical products.  She also appreciates the importance of confidentiality when clients call her office.


“Calls to my firm are confidential, and women with vaginal mesh injuries can be assured they will always be able to talk with a woman from CJY Law,” Yackulic says emphatically. “We are aware of the toll that can result in a woman’s life because of a mesh implant that should never have been marketed for this use.”


Many national firms are working to reach injured women.  Attorney Corrie Yackulic is a Seattle attorney, licensed to practice in Washington State.


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